Celebrate Women’s History Month with these Hollywood Productions

As we begin to close out this year’s Women’s History Month, we recognize the achievements and contributions of female figures in history. On Air Design is pleased to have been a part of several productions that celebrate the stories of female voices and main characters. We’ve rounded up three stellar productions for your next watch party or Friday night in, that put the female experience into a different perspective.

  1. Lessons in Chemistry

A historical drama miniseries based in the patriarchal 1950s, Lessons in Chemistry follows Elizabeth Zott. After being fired from her job as a lab scientist, she takes a job as a TV cooking show host. However, she begins teaching housewives, mothers, and women a lot more than cooking. On Air Design printed several vintage-style wallcoverings to give historical authenticity to the filming spaces, most notably the production’s “set” kitchen. A pink wall border-style wallcovering appropriately dates this main location, effortlessly taking viewers back in time. 

  1. A Black Lady Sketch Show

A commentary on the current homogenous landscape of the entertainment and comedy industry, A Black Lady Sketch Show was originally pitched to bridge the gap between Black women and their lack of representation. It is also thought to be the first production to be fully written, produced by, and starring Black women. On Air Design was thrilled to produce printed wares for several sets of these quick, witted sketches. From faux wood beadboards to custom tile adhesives, our capabilities helped the creative visions of this unique production come to life.

  1. Blonde

Often one of the most glamorized figures in the world, Marilyn Monroe is spoken in the likes of beauty, talent, and all things glitzy. However, the actual trials and tribulations of her life are not widely known by admirers worldwide. Blonde is a biographical drama portraying the life of Hollywood’s most loved starlet, good and bad moments included. Set in the 40s and 50s, On Air Design provided several custom vintage wallcoverings that give set interiors historical accuracy without being overbearingly “retro.”

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