Applications & Materials

Advanced technology allows us to print on a wide range of substrates.

With our collection of roll-to-roll and flat bed printers, we can print on an array of rolled and rigid materials. Some of our most popular materials include wood, carpet, fabric, linoleum, wallcovering substrates, among others. 

  • Wallcoverings
    • Our library of substrates include smooth and textured vinyl, eco-friendly materials, metallics, and more.
  • Carpet
    • Printable, low pile carpet ideal for non-permanent sets. If submitting your own carpet, see our Carpet Guidelines.
  • Wood
    • We have the capability to print on and engrave wood. Ask us about our requirements for intake of goods and what types of materials can be used.
  • Linoleum / Flooring
    • We offer standard, raw white linoleum ideal for printing vintage flooring patterns, tile designs, or any type of flooring needed. Print up to 92" wide!
  • Fabric
    • Print on fabric to create custom drapes, upholstered furniture, backdrops, or whatever your set requires.
  • Acrylic / Plexi
    • Rigid acrylic comes in a wide range of colors and finishes such as clear, frosted, milky, and white. An affordable option for backlit signage, or add character to your set by printing directly onto your windows adding faux cracks, wire, bullet holes, or graphics. 
  • Window Films
    • Removable window films for on location sets can add color and character by printing a wide range of graphics like stained glass, wire glass, and window painting designs.
  • Aquaflex
    • Aquaflex is the perfect design solution for a pool or fountain set. We print the designs and you simply drop it in the water.
  • Wide-Format Banners
    • With a max width of 16' we can easily create banners and backdrops plus grommets, pole pockets, and other finishes.
  • Sticker / Adhesive Backed Decals / Cut Vinyl
    • Our stickers can be used as gak to cover existing graphics or for greeking brand logos. Use cut vinyl as frost for glass, lettering for store signage, and more.

Design Technologies