Roundup for an Anti-Valentine's Day Watch Party

Don't Worry Darling wallpaperCandy hearts? Gross. Red roses? Cliche. Love stories gone awry? Now you're talking. This Valentine's Day, we've rounded up several productions featuring doomed love, stalker romance, and storylines that are anything but sappy because romcoms aren't for everyone.

Don't Worry, Darling

This 2022 psychological thriller depicts the utopian life of couples living in an experimental community set in the 50s. On Air provided vintage designs along with a wallcovering for one of the film’s most iconic scenes; “a rich black-and-gold wallpaper with a cracked pattern,” which hints at a darker reality in the lives of these residents, explains Kelly Allen from House Beautiful Magazine.


This Netflix hit stalker-romance features a twisted love story set in the third season’s peaceful, Bay Area suburbia. On Air printed several elements that give this setting an authentically pleasant feeling. From wall borders to book spines, our work extends beyond wallcovering.

The Sex Lives of College Girls

Emmy-nominated and written by renowned comedian Mindy Kaling, this production focuses on the tumultuous lives of four college roommates. On Air provided faux flooring and printed several logos for the production, such as fictional restaurants and universities. These details gave the fictional campus of Essex College an air of authenticity

Why Women Kill

Following the lives of three women living in different decades, this dark comedy features set design elements that are diverse and relevant to the 60s, 80s, and 2019. On Air provided vintage wallcoverings in several characters’ homes as they navigate betrayal and infidelity, adding authenticity to the setting.

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