Pride Month: Shows that center LGBTQ+ stories

Even though Pride Month is winding down, there's always time to consume entertainment by and about the LGBTQ+ community, this month and every month. Here are a few shows telling queer stories that we've had the pleasure of creating digitally printed goods for.


Sam Levinson's Euphoria takes an unflinching look at the inner lives of teens in modern California. This HBO drama centers numerous LGBTQ+ plot lines and personal stories of sexual self-discovery. See the work we did on season one here.


Set in NYC's ballroom scene in the 1980s, Pose focuses on the Black and Latino LGBTQ+ community in the middle of the HIV/AIDS crisis. Beautiful and hopeful, Pose shines a bright light on characters and narratives not often seen in television.  

Will & Grace

The original run of Will & Grace on NBC was groundbreaking for American television. The sitcom features gay characters at its center and was a huge mainstream success, increasing both inclusivity and visibility for the queer community. We supplied digitally printed wallpaper for the reboot.

The L-Word: Generation Q

The original series was a huge breakthrough for queer entertainment. Over six seasons, the series followed the lives of queer women in Los Angeles. Ten years later, Generation Q picks up on the stories of some of the original characters as well as new additions, rounding out a diverse cast and continuing to increase LGBTQ+ visibility. 


The star-studded limited series follows a group of aspiring actors and filmmakers trying to make it during the Golden Age of Hollywood. The lives of these fictional characters overlap with real-life events and personalities, such as the rise of leading man and closeted actor Rock Hudson. We recreated era-specific vintage wallpaper for the set.

RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul's Drag Race brought the art form of drag to the mainstream, providing a global platform to queer artists. Ever since its 2009 premiere, Drag Race has increased the visibility of LGBTQ+ stories and issues - contestants on the show candidly discuss everything from fighting for marriage equality to being HIV positive. 

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