Carpet Printing Guidelines

Carpet Printing Requirements and Restrictions

  • We do provide the carpet but if client provides, it needs to be a low pile and dense. We highly recommend our carpet as it’s been tested to work well for this. The pile on this carpet is 3/16” h.
  • Printed carpet is NOT for use on permanent sets (i.e. multi-camera permanent sets where one set is used for multiple seasons). Color may shift over time and will wear out quickly.
  • Ink WILL rub off when walked on. Must be limited use as it’s a very delicate process. Even “hand swiping” (rubbing hand across grain of carpet will make the white of the carpet show through permanently). Use caution.
  • Carpet should be sealed for best results (a can of hairspray or a similar sealant).
  • File must be nested within a piece of carpet (we cannot print edge to edge).
  • To get coverage, we print CMYK BL (double striking the ink so there will be no white patches showing through). This makes the color DARKER than anticipated.
  • Carpet width is limited to 8’ w, but ideally we would panel at 74” w to fit within 6’ 6” w carpet with 2” of unprinted selvage on the sides.
  • Need 2’ on the front end and 3’ on the back end of the carpet to accommodate curling to prevent head crashes. We recommend the carpet being 17’ in length and the print will be 12’ l.
  • We DO NOT trim and we DO NOT edge finish.
  • Provide a copy of this to your construction coordinator or foreman to ensure these rules are followed and care is taken in trimming, laying, and seaming our printed carpet.
  • Notice that these are very restrictive requirements. If the substrate needs to last longer or be walked upon for the scene, we recommend discussing another substrate with us (linoleum, acoustical material, etc.)