Our Work in These Golden Globe-Nominated Productions

The 81st Golden Globes was broadcast this past weekend, live from Beverly Hills! Honoring excellence in Television and Film, the ceremony was the first major awards ceremony since the Hollywood strikes, celebrating a unique industry “reunion.” Additionally, On Air Design was thrilled to be a part of several winning and nominated productions, showcasing our craftsmanship and eye for stage design.

1. Killers of the Flower Moon (Nominee)

This Martin Scorsese hit was nominated for Best Motion Picture - Drama, telling the murderous tale of the Osage community in 1920s Oklahoma. Several of On Air’s vintage wallcoverings give indoor film settings such as bedrooms and shops a historically accurate feeling, featuring muted damasks and intentionally dated florals. Scorsese and production designer Jack Fisk did extensive research to create the unique marriage of documentary-level detail and the rich narrative of quality filmmaking.

On Air Design's vintage wallpaper in Killers of the Flower Moon

2. Oppenheimer (Winner/Nominee)

Theaters and movie-goers were taken by storm when Christopher Nolan’s smash hit Oppenheimer was released. A winner for Best Motion Picture - Drama and a nominee for Cinematic and Box Office Achievement, this production recounts the story of scientist Robert J. Oppenheimer and his creation of the atomic bomb. Several of our printed wallpapers are seen throughout the film, punctuating the set design elements for historical accuracy. Production designer Ruth De Jong aimed to recreate this 1930s aesthetic to immerse viewers without them even knowing using muted color palettes and geometric patterns.

3. Beef (Winner)

Netflix’s recent comedy-drama miniseries had viewers hooked from its first episode, depicting an explosive interaction between two unsuspecting parties. It’s no wonder this production was the winner for Best TV Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Motion Picture Made for TV. On Air Design showcased its versatile capabilities through its provided wares seen throughout the series. From printed artwork to vintage wallcovering, our work filled in the small details for each specific set, giving apartments, galleries, and more an authentic feel.

On Air Design printed custom wallpaper and artwork for the series Beef.

4. Daisy Jones and the Six (Nominee)

A nominee of the same category, this miniseries follows the journey of a rock band and their lead singer as they navigate the culturally evolving time set in the 1970s. The production design team had the task to recreate this era in a way that felt real without using the typical “flower power” cliche seen in modern cinema. Several patterned, retro wallcoverings lean into the popular yellow and brown tones of the time and create an effortlessly authentic atmosphere.

 5. Succession (Winner)

This winner for Best TV Series - Drama is practically a household name in this day and age. Wrapping up the production earlier this year, Succession’s last season featured On Air Design’s faux marble capability, giving one of its residential sets a modern, upscale look.

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