Halloween Movie Roundup 2023

Let’s face it, there’s just something about movies around this time of year that’s just…better. So, in honor of this spooky season, we’ve rounded up some of the best productions to tune into. And if you look closely, you might spot some of our custom and original wallcoverings. 

1. Haunted Mansion

We’ll ease you in with something a little more family-friendly. One of Disney’s newest supernatural horror comedies hit theaters earlier this year and is an adaptation of the iconic theme park’s attraction by the same name. The focal point of the production is the Colonial Revival-style Gracey Manor (infested with ghosts that need to be exorcised from the premises). On Air Design provided several vintage wallcoverings to capture the grand essence of the original ride using damasks and other regal patterns.

Wallpaper in the Haunted Mansion film

2. They Cloned Tyrone

For something a bit unconventional, there’s Juel Taylor’s sci-fi thriller-comedy starring Teyonah Parris, Jamie Foxx, and John Boyega. This trio uncovers a government cloning conspiracy in their low-income, crime-riddled neighborhood. Set and costume design choices garnered attention as they intentionally muddle the setting. Decor and clothing appear to be from the 70s, while the characters make references to contemporary culture. On Air Design played into this retro theme, providing poppy abstract geometrics in the era’s beloved tones of orange and brown to give certain spaces on set an undoubtedly vintage feeling.

Wallpaper in They Cloned Tyrone

3. Boo, Bitch

This dark comedy miniseries features Lana Condor as Erika Vu from “To All the Boys” and follows her senior year of high school after she becomes a ghost. On Air Design provided a green, vintage floral found in Erika’s bedroom. Production designers aimed to give the series a touch of teenage nostalgia reflected in all aspects, from clothing to decor choices. This wallcovering accurately represents a youngster’s struggle of being stuck in a room they may not love while they’re still under their parent’s roof.

Wallpaper in Boo, Bitch

4. Under the Banner of Heaven

We told you the scary stuff was coming! This true crime miniseries is based on the nonfiction novel by Jon Krakauer by the same name. Production designer Renee Read chose an Arts-and-Crafts style home as the setting for this series of murders in a secular Mormon community. Read aimed to make this home familiar yet “inexplicably uncomfortable and eventually quite chilling”. One of the main ways she does this is through color, using shades “25% deeper than other Arts-and-Crafts homes of that era”. On Air Design’s muted vintage wallcoverings were perfect here. These florals seemed to blend into the home's walls, being oddly familiar to the viewer, which also plays into the chilling nostalgia Read was going for. On Air also printed a mural for the church of Latter-Day Saints in the production. Since real Mormon art couldn’t be used, Read had to recreate it for accuracy.

Wallcoverings in Under the Banner of Heaven

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